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Add: Xiaojiaqiao Industry Area, Wenling City, Zhejiang, China
MP: 13905863509
Tel: 0576-86580583 86581283
Fax: 0576-86580283
Contacts: Yanbangchu
E-mail: nf-sb@nf-sb.com
Website: www.nf-sb.com
Mixing equipmentYou Are Here - Nanfang
V type high efficiency mixer
VI type blade mixer
GF plow shovel mixer
GH type three dimensional motion mixer
GHH type universal motion mixer
ZFE model three dimensional hybrid machine
ZF type two dimensional motion mixer
ZX double cone high efficiency mixer
ZXS type mixer and sieving machine
ZXZ type unsegregated heating mixer
GDS screw mixer
ZFE type stainless steel storage tank
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