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CultureYou Are Here - Nanfang - Culture
Enterprise tenet ⇓ Quality and service go hand in hand, customer and enterprise win

Service Promise ⇓ The price of three packs is reasonable
The supply is satisfied in time

Management ideas ⇓ Not satisfied yesterday
Don't stop trying today
Don't give up the pursuit of tomorrow

quality policy ⇓ Science and technology companies create new results
The quality of the products is the highest quality

Management ideas ⇓ The plant adhering to the customer-centric business philosophy, establish a perfect service system, high-quality product quality and satisfactory customer service service won the trust of our customers, set up the industry leader in scientific research and development in the field at the same time, I plant with many well-known domestic companies have a good partnership. Not only into a powerful force for the factory business continued to grow, and in the work and peer exchanges, learn advanced scientific technology and management experience, enhance the ability of sustainable development of enterprises.

management culture ⇓ Stable quality innovation technology quality service, may our trinity, for the partners and customers bring the greatest benefit.
We face the customers and treat ourselves critically. Our business is to focus on and satisfy every customer, and conquer the market with exquisite technical strength.
Quality and service are our eternal pursuit.

Partnership ⇓ Enterprises and employees are not simple employment relations, but mutual support and incentive partners, together to create a cause and share growth.
It is not a simple business relationship between the enterprise and its customers, but a business partner with a clear division of labor and win-win cooperation. It also develops the market and shares the profits.

Corporate culture ⇓ Human quality: integrity and hard work sense of responsibility
Product quality: high cost performance
Quality of life: hard work and happy life
Passion: passion to create, share happiness No matter in what kind of work, can work in a positive attitude to shoulder the mission and responsibility of our subjective initiative, respect for team members, unite with all forces that create value together With a happy mood and state into work, create happiness in work, and enjoy the pleasure of work and results.
Learning ability: learning the market learning partner, through continuous learning, self-break through continuous improvement to enhance the competitiveness and employee value of the enterprise.
Execution: we constantly improve the execution of each employee's individual, we are pursuing cooperation and win-win, create a good system execution, our company will become a powerful system implementation of first-class enterprise.
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